Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking Into 2010-2011

Alright MC moms, I need your participation in a little Q&A. I want your thoughts and opinions about last year and your ideas for next. What did you LOVE, LIKE, or rather PLEAD THE 5TH?

LESSON: Did you enjoy the lessons on mothering? What would you like to see next year in regards to the lesson (more biblical/scriptual, just for fun, mom facts, current issues, hot topics)?

CRAFT: Did you enjoy the crafts? Would you like to see more/less crafts?

FOOD: Did you enjoy the food? Thats a dumb question, I think we all LOVED the food aspect of our meetings.

TIME: Did you feel you had adequate time to participate in MC? What would you like to see for next year (start/end times)?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shower for a Cure???

That's right ladies! Our last meeting is upon us (May 19th) and we WILL be having a baby shower. If you are new to Mom Connection let me explain. Each year on our last meeting we party down baby shower style. Each mom brings a baby gift to be donated (nothing extravagant) and we play those wonderful baby shower games. This year will be NO different. All baby gifts will be "donated" to our MC Relay For Life auction basket, which is going to be so awesome in itself, being a CRIB not a basket (here at MC we go BIG). So I hope to see you all there, AND EVERYONE BRINGS FOOD!


Congratulations Momma's! We have met AND EXCEEDED our Relay For Life goal of $1500. Let's not stop now girls. I have purchased the beads for our "night of" fundraiser keychains. Relay is only a month away so dust of your sneakers and get ready to walk for a cure!

P.S .
A meeting will be planned a week or so before Relay night to share the gameplan, assign duties, and celebrate all the hard work ;)