Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking Into 2010-2011

Alright MC moms, I need your participation in a little Q&A. I want your thoughts and opinions about last year and your ideas for next. What did you LOVE, LIKE, or rather PLEAD THE 5TH?

LESSON: Did you enjoy the lessons on mothering? What would you like to see next year in regards to the lesson (more biblical/scriptual, just for fun, mom facts, current issues, hot topics)?

CRAFT: Did you enjoy the crafts? Would you like to see more/less crafts?

FOOD: Did you enjoy the food? Thats a dumb question, I think we all LOVED the food aspect of our meetings.

TIME: Did you feel you had adequate time to participate in MC? What would you like to see for next year (start/end times)?